Paul & Margaret, Hannah, Audrey…

It’s the third of March, 2011. The temps climbed to well above freezing today and the snow continues to melt. My spring fever symptoms continue to progress.

I continue to  experiment with this blog thing, and today was just hoping for some color to liven this page, rather than ice and snow and dark moons. So I came to these geraniums in my photo gallery. Long ago, there were a few people who somehow got me addicted to nature’s colors. Hannah, my paternal grandmother [whom I will likely honor with more typing time in the future]. Paul & Margaret, neighbors and mentors and family friends. Audrey, my sixth grade teacher, and together with her husband Vic, my landlords while I farmed for half a decade in southwest Iowa.

I began growing geraniums seasonally when I first left home and got my own house in town. I don’t think I have ever really stopped it, except for a few years in college and/or after the accident. Now, however, I store them over the winter in a dark place under the basement stairs, and then bring them out about this time of year and coax them back into a state of vibrance. Is an almost-Lazaras sort of thing. They appear convincingly dead, yet fight their way back to life with a bit of care.

As they do, I am reminded of these precious people in my life, Paul & Margaret, Audrey, and Hannah…with a beauty of their own that adds color to my life.


~ by fourfeetsixinches on March 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Paul & Margaret, Hannah, Audrey…”

  1. YES!!! I love it. You’re blogging! I look forward to what the Lord will do with this. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Scott. So nice to run across mom and dad’s name in your blog. Quite eloquent with words. Look forward to see what God puts on your heart.

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