a feast…

A couple of years ago there was a deer that would repeatedly sneak out of the cornfield and ravage the garden. Thus, the scarecrow. A framework of scrap wood from the garage. A shirt I never wore with an old tie and a worn pair of jeans. Some cheap cologne as well, to make him smell a bit more human. A force with which to be reckoned…

The scarecrow worked for a while. But it seemed that the deer’s craving for my vegetables was greater than his fear of the scarecrow. It was, after all, just a stick man in hand-me-down clothes. Perhaps they even became friends, I’m not sure.

Life can be a lot like this. There may be “scarecrows” that frighten us away from something good. But maybe the best gardens are those guarded by a scarecrow. There might just be goodness there worth protecting.

As the moon disappears from its night watch and the morning sun comes into view, look toward the light with anticipation. Push past your fears into the good awaiting you.

Sometimes, after all, a scarecrow can be an invitation to a feast.

Joshua 1:9


~ by fourfeetsixinches on March 18, 2011.

One Response to “a feast…”

  1. Love it! Boy, do I need to hear those words today. Thanks, Scott.

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