almost imperceptible…

i remember being told that the moon was made of cheese when i was a child. green cheese if i remember correctly. but that was a long time ago and it is only a vague remembrance now.

so driving home from work earlier this week, i saw what appeared to be a very thin slice of cheese, gently curved and perfectly positioned some thirty degrees above the horizon. the sun had settled below the horizon, but left a subtle glow of deep and earthy oranges and magentas blending into the night sky. the silhouettes of barns and trees and silos were showing themselves one final moment before disappearing until their return with morning’s light.

just a couple of weeks ago was the equinox. a full moon lit up the sky and cast a mysterious glow on the ground that night. but this hint of a moon was difficult to see until i got out in the middle of the country and the skies darkened. there have been, and still are, such times in my life when the light is not obvious. times when dark was more of the defining characteristic of my environs.

a sliver of light. a thin slice of cheese. almost imperceptible. almost. if you are like this particular moon, and the sun seems to be reflecting off only a part of you. if the reflection is not grand and glorious at every moment…i think that’s ok. those who study human nature would say that “with repetition comes numbness.” if the moon’s reflection was the same every night, we wouldn’t notice it much anymore. it would not grab our attention as easily. we would grow numb to it’s presence in the dark sky. this sliver of a moon grabbed my attention on monday night. it was different. beautifully so.

psalm 34 says that “those who look to Him are radiant…” so does it stand to reason that the different aspects we are able to see of God may actually be reflected somehow in our lives? in our eyes? in our words? in our touch? and if that is true, then our lives may be, in some way, a slice of cheese that we can offer to our hungry world…


~ by fourfeetsixinches on April 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “almost imperceptible…”

  1. Thank you for the comments and the reminder of who we are.

  2. I noticed that same moon the other night. I always wonder who is seeing its bright side at that point, or also that maybe the moon is facing the sun directly and receiving all the light and reflecting it back to the sun, having their own “conversation” for a few nights before it turns back to include us in the reflection overnight. I also think I can see the shadowy outline of the rest of the moon, but maybe it’s my brain filling it in, too.

  3. Astounding.

    From the galaxies to small details God knows it all.

    A sliver of the moon can be used to begin ,continue…the generating work of the Holy Spirit. And to keep us hungry for more.

    Our son has always marveled at the changes of the moon. When there is a sliver the man on the moon is winking, don’t ya know?
    Thanks for sharing.

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