at the river…

on monday i edited and posted some of my thoughts on twenty five years of paralysis. then i took off for one of my favorite watering holes called in forest city. did the drive through and got some caffeine and headed to the river to scribble some thoughts in my journal. on the way there i got a call from shaffe, so we ended up talking for a while with the sound of the river in the background. talked about the day the scaffold failed me. let me fall. the same scaffold that caught shaffe’s leg as he was trying to get out of its way. so i sat in this spot and snapped three photos. saw three metaphors. right there. one spot. the trees on the bank trying to hang on. the shrub that has seemed to find what it needs at a place and then to grow. and then the river flowing. moving freely with a current all its own.

i think that some people are determined to stay on the riverbank. holding on. clinging to what feels solid. content to be near the movement but not moved significantly by it. hanging on to whatever sense of control they can. some seem to stay there near the banks and thrive somehow. ample water and nutrients and room to grow. and then there are others who seem unsatisfied to stay on the banks. there is movement. and there is such exhilaration when the longing for being part of that movement becomes a reality. when you can move with the forces around you. not losing yourself, but allowing a certain submission to the power of it. letting it offer some of its freedom to you. you offering yourself to it. going along for the adventure of feeling more fully alive. more fully immersed in what God is up to in this world. within the hearts of the people He loves and somehow continues to draw closer to himself.

“What if God really is at work in every moment, in every place? What if your job is just to jump into the river? What if your job is to figure out, from one moment to the next, how to stay in the flow? How to keep yourself aware and submitted to God’s Spirit so that rivers of living water flow through your belly, through the core of your being?”    -John Ortberg

i think that there may likely be a little of each of these photo themes…a little of each of these dynamics in all of us. sometimes we hold on tight. sometimes we’re content to stay put and grow. sometimes we want…even need to jump in and let the current move us. not hold on to things so stinking tight. to look for God and how he might be at work in every moment.  have an awesome weekend!


~ by fourfeetsixinches on April 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “at the river…”

  1. So true.
    I am reminded of how critical water is for all of nature,and how great a force even small river currents have…Often as a Christain I find myself working to tame the wild mercy of the Creator ,Redeemer, King,to make His wonder more manageable. How silly is that? Maybe with humor God smiles and says “Seriously”

  2. Scotty…How “moving”…and true…Your life has surely moved in many, many directions in the last 25 years…God is great and we can only have faith in his ultimate plans for each of us; no matter how much we may be resistant, at times, with our own thoughts or plans…Keep the faith…You are awesome….

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