scott’s bluff…[2]

 we were in nebraska over memorial weekend.  i rambled about one perspective of scottsbluff a week or so ago. am thinking about the bluff thing again this week, although from a little different angle.

another definition of “bluff” has to do with a game of cards and “making a bold bet on an inferior hand.” we’ve probably all been there. in a card game where the cards are dealt, and we just feel like we’ve got nothing in our hand worth playing. no cards to combine to give us much of a chance to win at all. which leaves you with a choice…do you fold? do you bluff? do you quit? or take a risk with the hand you’ve been given? a bold bet with an inferior hand.

i know a lot of  people who feel at times like they’ve been dealt a less-than-desirable hand in life. i’ve felt like that as well. still do on many days, if i’m honest about the challenges of my paralysis. so how do you feel about the hand you’ve been dealt? whatever it might be. you continue to lose the struggle with your weight? with depression having way too much of a downward pull on your life? you can’t get close to your spouse in ways you long for? can’t seem to get your finances even close to a comfortable place? can’t forgive yourself or someone else for some kind of wounding choice that was made?  there is a nearly endless list of “cards” in life that contribute to an “inferior hand” for many of us.

so i ask this: can you make a bold bet with whatever hand you’ve been dealt?  i look at these photos and think of such. growth and beauty in the midst of a less-than-optimal place to try to grow. this pine tree atop a narrow crag. lavender and yellow flowers pushing up out of a crack in the sandstone. green vines draping and blooming over dry and rocky protrusions. in the horticultural world these guys have made a bold bet with an inferior hand.

the Son of God took on flesh. adopted an inferior stance by our standards. the Creator of the universe took a humble position and became servant. lived with the limits with which we are familiar. Isaiah says he grew up “like a tender green shoot, like a root in dry ground.” like the plants in these photos. He made a bold bet. a bold move. a move toward us in love. and life and growth and beauty grows out of such. let that example not only draw you closer to Him, but let it also breathe a sense of courage into your being. to take the hand you’ve been given and make a bold bet. a bold move with your one and only life.


~ by fourfeetsixinches on June 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “scott’s bluff…[2]”

  1. Oh, Scott, what nice words to end the day…..I’ll sleep peacefully now after reading them. God bless you and inspire you to keep on writing these thought provoking postings.
    Sending love. Aunt Carol in CO.

  2. Sure appreciate these pictures. Visible whispers of God are here, He has a plan and he provides .

  3. Scott, thank you so much for seeing the details of cracks from which beauty grows and then relating it to our lives!! Keep those photos and thoughts coming!

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