that kind of time

long-time friends, the shaffers,  came to stay with us over labor day weekend. they left this morning to head back to michigan. it was great to spend time with them again.

so after the white tornado cleaning frenzy on thursday night and friday morning, mare and i fell into a different pace. that of having friends be more of a focus than the list of things needing to be done around our house. for a few days we invest in relationship more than just saying that relationship is worth investing in. not like we don’t invest in relationship…but when people walk into our lives, into our home, the ratio of such investment changes. so there was a lot of food. near-incontinence-inducing laughter.  honest sharing of hearts. eye contact as compared to phone contact. great stuff. really great stuff.

and i noticed this as well; not only did we spend more relational time with our friends, and with our kids, but there was a different kind of intentionality going on between mare and i as well. because on a ‘normal’ weekend we don’t usually spend time on a pontoon tooling around the lake. we don’t often go for bike rides to pilot knob [and if you’re wondering, no, i didn’t ride a bike. i was just in my wheelchair… you know, when people say “that’s how i roll” i usually laugh inside, as most people don’t do a lot of “true rolling”  ..but i digress…] we don’t spend as much time cooking together or sitting around the table long after we’re done eating. some great communication happens after a meal, sitting around a table together. a few body noises may happen as well… i digress again. sorry.

is like the boat on the lake. when you’re going faster, you ride higher on top of the water. when you slow down a bit you settle deeper into your surroundings. you increase the potential to experience things, to experience each other more deeply. it felt like that with mare this weekend. with jon. with maggie. shaffers came to town and slowed us down and we experienced life and each other a little more deeply. so if you can, consider pulling back on the throttle and slowing the pace. even if its just for a little while in the midst of the demands of your weekly schedule. believe me, i know it can feel almost impossible some days. some weeks. but its worth it.


~ by fourfeetsixinches on September 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “that kind of time”

  1. Pretty much reflects how it works at our place, too. (Slowing down seems more table” as we get older?) Don

  2. Once again my God has shown grace in ways I didn” expect. Thank you! dcs

  3. slowing down takes practice. That is the problem, I don’t have time to practice. Bob R

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