game on

so we near the end of our consult with jon’s neurologist at mayo clinic on friday. we had gone over test results and through physical and mental assessments. we had heard some things that we as parents needed more time to process. there were some irregular spikes in brain waves in response to specific stimuli, and as such a diagnosis of a seizure disorder, nos. medication was prescribed. lifestyle changes and healthy habits encouraged. and then our neurologist  asked jon if he had any questions. and we knew exactly what was going to come out of jon’s mouth: “can i play sports? can i play football?” and by the look on the neurologist’s face, he knew what question was coming his way as well. and his answer was, “well,..yes. i don’t want to make an invalid out of someone who doesn’t need to be one.” and jon pressed for more specifics. “no, i mean tonight. can i play in the game tonight?”  “yes you can…and good luck!”

so we drove home, very quickly i might add, because our son was so excited to get his pads and uniform on and get out on the field with his team mates. and he did. and his team won. and near the end of the fourth quarter he intercepted a pass and ran it forty yards in for a touchdown. i was on the sidelines with my camera and a friend. i dropped my camera to my lap and just watched through saline flooded eyes. it was like the last loop of a week-long emotional roller coaster.

we certainly appreciate all the concern you’ve shown, all the prayers you’ve prayed, and how we have felt rallied around as we’ve gone through this thing so far. we are grateful for that. for you. and we are grateful to our Creator God, who sustains and breathes hope into us, even when the fragile nature of this life causes us to fear, and even to question his goodness toward us.

jon got a text from a friend just as we were getting ready to leave mayo for home. a friend who is a tremendous athlete. who has dealt with his own set of physical limitations and yet found ways to overcome. found ways to live life as fully as possible. and he encouraged jon to do this, ” go out there and honor your Creator in how you play.” and i pass those words on to you today… go out there and honor your Creator in how you do your life today.


~ by fourfeetsixinches on October 3, 2011.

21 Responses to “game on”

  1. What an excellent friend to speak such encouragement to Jon and to all of us. When we choose to do all things unto the Lord, our lives will bring glory to Him, no matter the seen outcome. Congratulations to Jon, what a thrill for all of you! I pray the Holy Spirit will help us all to see the interceptions coming our way that we may catch, hold on and run with all our might towards the goal our Heavenly Father has for us individually and as a team of believers.

  2. AWESOME….That’s all that I can say…That Jon has such good friends like that…And such great parents that help him deal w/whatever comes our way, even as difficult as it may be, for them also…The struggles they also must deal with…Our creator will always be there for us; even if we have our doubts through our strifes and worries…God bless you all…Your friend, Sandy Haubrich

  3. Thanks for the update. Thanks also for sharing the story and asking the questions. I admire your son’s eagerness and longing to play in the football game. He played well,and it sounds as if FC dominated Friday night. I’m not sure if as a rival whether to be happy about that or not …….. but I am thrilled ,for the great play. Hoping encouragement for you all.

  4. It was neat for Janie and me to read your blog and hear the beautiful and gracious answer to prayer for Jon. Wow! Wow!

    • Gary, so great to hear from you and Janie! Yes, things are at a much better feeling place than they were a week ago!
      And let me say how good it was to see you two in July…would have been fun to have had more time to talk. Blessings to you!

  5. So happy for you all! To God be the glory!

  6. Way Cool! Thank you God!!!

  7. Wow, Scott….you and Marcy have such wonderful expressive talents. I love reading your words. Your Uncle Jim would be very proud of you. I am glad to hear the favorable news about Jon, and pray that God continues watching over him and keeps him safe & healthy. GO TEAM!

  8. Mercy and Grace. I know Jon understands it in some ways now. We all look forward to understanding it fully. WOW! Thank you JESUS! DCS

  9. i’m so sorry that your son went through this, so happy to know that his parents were with him. i have found it much easier to go through suffering myself than to watch a loved child go through it – i’ve had more than my share of those close=up experiences with my neices and nephew. after 15 years of dealing with a nasty disease and seeing much loss, “Blessings” by laura story is my current favorite song.

    often think of our conversation of – where were the angels and the answer you received.

    miss ya and wish i knew mary and the kids.

  10. Thanks for sharing. Not many of us have gone through what your family did but, never-the-less, your thoughts are an encouragement to us as we deal with uncertainties in our lives. And indeed, it was a beatutiful interception and run. Friend, Don

  11. Thank you, Don. There always seems to be some kind of uncertainty going on, doesn’t there?!! Was a great game…a really good way to bring a difficult week to a close…

  12. We remember with fear and trembling the first basketball game Gretchan played after her accident and can relate to the joyful tears falling of her being able to resume her high school life! May Jon continue to abide by guidelines set by the Mayo doctors–they do know a thing or two!!!!

    • Mare and I actually talked about your situation with Gretchan…wondering about some of the things you went through with her situation…different certainly, but some similarities there as well. Thanks, Donna. We also appreciated Dave’s email about living in gratitude instead of in the what if’s of life.

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