beautiful things

a stop at pilot knob state park late last week. the winds forecasted to be at warning levels. the forecast was right on. so i knew the leaves would be at risk. holding on tightly in spite of the odds. a few remained connected while others had found places of rest on the ground below.

so there is this thing about fall. autumn. change. the dying after a season of growth. the promise of another season, but first, a period of waiting ensues. perhaps a favorite thing of the human condition…waiting. a gap between the dying of this season and the new life of the next.

beauty here. that is for sure. the color that is hidden beneath the lush greens for most of the season now responds to less light and cooler conditions. and in that condition, foliage comes alive with vibrant color. light and shadow and everything in between.

a friend of mine, ben, sang this song in worship a while back. it’s a song by michael gungor called beautiful things… it gets inside of me somehow. the words breathe hope somehow. promise somehow. so i say, give it a listen:

so autumn reminds me of times in life where it feels like things are changing. some things coming to an end. a dying of sorts. and the reality that we may have to face a season of waiting. a time where there will be a gap between the dying of something and the new life that we hope for, that we believe will come. and so we wait…

and as we wait… he is in the process of making things beautiful. making things new.  is a prayer of mine that you see this in fresh new ways today and in the coming seasons of your life. that you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of what he might want to do in your heart. in your life. in the season that lies ahead…



~ by fourfeetsixinches on October 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “beautiful things”

  1. Interesting.My first thoughts,”What are you smoking”,”What planet are you from?”…”waiting,perhaps a favorite thing of the human condition”???But as read and listened to the shared song……….I can agree that there is a certain energy in waiting,an expectation.Makes me wonder what do I see while I’m waiting?Hope? Despair?Comfort? Awe?
    Thanks for blogging.

    • ah yes, “waiting”… there was a bit of sarcasm in my use of that. but I do also think there is a certain energy in waiting, a sort of impetus, and some hope there as well.
      “what am I smoking?”….you make me smile when I read that today!
      Thanks for your thoughts.

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