we’ve got some of these willow tree people around our house. they don’t have eyes or mouths, so generally speaking they don’t stare and they’re pretty quiet. unobtrusive. but they hang out in various places. in various seasons. right now we have a nativity scene on the mantle of our fireplace. mary on her knees. holding the christ child closely while joseph looks on. and they’ll probably hang out there for a while. through christmas and into the winter for awhile. at least until mare gets tired of dusting around them and they go back into their styrofoam-lined boxes until next december.

so this picture of mary [who typically gets more attention from my roman catholic friends than from my protestant friends] is a reminder that those things fragile, small and precious and even nearly helpless are still that. even after all these years. there are some things in our lives that don’t just take care of themselves. they need nurture, attention, focus…in order to grow. to thrive. to be a vital part of the fabric of our days.

according to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy or chaos increases over time. when things are left to themselves, on their own, they become more disorganized. they rust. they eventually die.

after a lot of years of trying to be a follower of jesus, i still consider parts of that relationship to be fragile, small, precious, even nearly helpless. there is still a need to be intentional about holding him close. of embracing him. of embracing what his journey of humanity on earth was all about. and what he can still teach us today.

francesca  battistelli sings a great song for the christmas season called you’re herehttp://youtu.be/MHKJ1aWt1J4 


~ by fourfeetsixinches on December 20, 2011.

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