we got home from church on christmas eve. preheated the oven. lit the grill. lit candles. turned on christmas music. we had spent the day prepping food, wrapping gifts, cleaning up after the food prep. and now the evening was coming together…much how we had planned it.

steaks were thrown on the grill. stuffed shrimp appetizers came out of the oven and whetted our appetites for the rest of the meal. drinks were poured and plates were filled. and we sat down together around the candlelight centerpiece. we gave thanks. for each other. thanks to the One who supplies it all to us…even down the the very breath we breathe and the blood that courses it’s way through our veins. thanks.

tomlin was singing a song in the background…”my soul, my soul…magnifies the Lord.”

sometimes in the quieter moments where life has slowed down to this candlelit pace with cell phones and texting in ceasefire mode, i see more, i feel more of what this season is really about. below the surface and the frenzy of last minute preparations, a baby born. God in man. man  in God. savor the simplicity and the complexity of it all and then let your soul do what it will do…magnify the Lord.

i am grateful for you. all of you who have joined me here in some way this past year of blogging. i am thankful for that connection and communication. i savor such, and hope that you and yours had a rich christmas time of celebration. and i wish you a new year full of anticipation of newness, growth, and blessing. God in man. man in God.


~ by fourfeetsixinches on December 27, 2011.

6 Responses to “savoring…”

  1. I am also savoring a Christmas like I have never had before. My family – 17 of us- in Gaitlinburg, TN. I a large cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Many good conversation with some family (TX) that I see very rarely. Savoring moments need to be a part of a life more often– don’t all of you think so?

  2. Thanks for your post Scott. Our Christmas was wonderful as well, hectic running to see family but wonderful nonetheless. Spent a day with my side, went to church at Hope in WDM (SRO) and it was still amazing. Our souls get fed so well at that church. Spent the night with my father and then headed to see Vic’s side and then our daughter-in-law in Mpls. Got to Skype with Tom in Kuwait. We are so very thankful for our family and all they have brought to us. We are so very thankful for friends, like you, that keep us grounded in the Word of the Lord. Blessing to you and Mary and the kids, not only at this time of year, but everyday. You, my friend, are a real treat. Thanks for all you do.


    • Bobby,
      First of all, I miss you and Vic. And I appreciate your kind words above. You are a treat to me as well, and am grateful for the memories we share! Am glad your Christmas season was rich, and Mare and I and the kids wish you guys a blessed new year, hopefully one in which we’ll get to see each other face to face!

  3. Thanks again for sharing the truth of life. So much of the moment is all about the prep. Once again I am reminded from you Scott and from my own Christmas experience to be intentional about what matters. I know that your statement, “we had spent the day prepping” is alot bigger if not huge in time compared to that memory of family around the table for a quiet meal. Maybe its the sacrifice given in the preparing that makes those moments so special. No… I know it is the sacrifice that makes it so special. I think thats what I see in my Jesus. dcs

  4. Thanks Scott, for not only the much appreciated thoughts and insights, but for your friendship and bantering. It is hard to slow down, dwell on God’s goodness and “magnify the Lord”. Last year was good, next year even better – for us and for you and yours. Don

  5. I am always,at least I hope I will always be amazed by the incomprehesible truth that God desires a connection with us first and offers to dwell with and in us. Blows cobwebs in my brain that Holy God Creator Sustainer of All seeks to know me and to be known by me.At times there is solace in this reality and at other times trembling silent awe.
    Sincerely, Thanks.

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