rays of light

just a few photos that i snapped on the way home from the office tonight. for some reason, such sun rays and storm clouds almost always get my attention. catch my eye. there is something hopeful in this visual for me. not sure why, but it is…

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~ by fourfeetsixinches on May 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “rays of light”

  1. I always love these scenes, too. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures, Scott!

  2. These pictures are awesome!! Always think God is peeking down when I see the rays of light through the clouds…glad you caught this on “film”

  3. Beautiful!!! The light of our Lord illuminates the way through the storms of life. This visual always causes hope to rise in me and a knowing that I am never alone. Thanks for sharing…

  4. really beautiful… I always think of Jesus coming when I see clouds like those…with light bursting forth from them.

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