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there are so many facets of who you are… too many to list on a card, or a page. a sometimes delicate flower, as i say, and at other times, tough as nails. sometimes stoic, as a good norwegian girl should be, and sometimes open and tender, with a sort of fragile beauty. a fragile beauty that really goes beyond the tough parts of you. actually makes the tough parts of you even tougher. one of the many mysteries of you, mare.

the parts of you that love your Creator. those that love jonathan and maggie, with a sometimes fierce love, a sometimes playful love. the driven intensity that moves you through your days, and the quiet caring that softens the intensity to an endearing beauty.

i am so grateful for the many and different facets of your beauty. the simplicity and yet the mystery of all you are. thank you for being the mother of our children. happy mother’s day. i love you.


~ by fourfeetsixinches on May 13, 2012.

5 Responses to “mare”

  1. beautiful…..

  2. reading this makes me want to sit with mary, sip a coffee or two, and have a chit chat…happy mothers day mary…you have a beautiful family!

  3. Mary,

    I am sure you are the only mom that had a “write up” llike that. It sounds like you can do just about anything…….of course, that doesn’t surprise me.

  4. Well done brother what a sweet way to show your love…Mary you are blest…hope you both had a great day yesterday

  5. Wow, what a delightlfully phrased commpliment to Mary. The only side I’ve seen is that tough one — just kidding obviously. We have grown to love and appreciate her, so thnaks for sharing.

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