north iowa has been dry for a long while. and while the farmers are dealing in much higher stakes than mine, my garden has been at risk. as such, i have been doing the shallow watering thing to get things growing and keep things alive… at least until some substantial rainfall comes our way. last night we got such a rain and it was very welcomed. two-and-a-tenth inches of soaking rain in my rain gauge this morning.

crazy thing is, that life has felt a lot like the weather and the garden situation for me lately. when it comes to my soul, my heart, things have felt dry. and i’ve tried to take care of that, but it has felt a lot like a shallow watering in the garden. just enough to get things started growing. just enough to sustain life. waiting for something more substantial to come along. a good soaking rain, so to speak. something that gets past the surface and down to the root of things. something that quenches a thirst and lasts for more than a day or two. there can be a lot of things in life that are  like the sun and wind. both are important things, sun and wind. but sometimes there is too much of it for too long, and it seems to burn the vitality right out of things. lush green becomes more of a grayish sage color. new growth, while there, is stunted and small.

i’ve been reading a book about prayer. and not just the kind of prayers written by someone else that you read. a book about praying differently. boldly and with purpose and passion. praying about your biggest dreams and greatest fears. and while it inspires me, it has also seemed to make me aware of how puny some of my prayers have been over the course of my life. like praying for rain. or praying for healing. or ________… an incredibly long list of possibilities here. and  while i don’t have a lot of answers personally about where this may take me, i am wrestling with the possibility of such a change in my stance in how i approach the God of the universe.

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~ by fourfeetsixinches on June 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “rain”

  1. Puny Prayers…..that is something to think about. Wow, do I have a very long way to go.

  2. My initial response was one of feeling quite rankled,Puny Prayers Indeed!We are encouraged to pray on all occasions with all kinds of prayers. ..But as I think about this a bit more I will add an Amen to your post.I am guilty of praying puny prayers or praying without confidence and I think that is an affront to the Creator/Sustainer of All.You got me thinking…about confidently,offering all that we have to Him in prayer…..beating hearts,breathing lungs, sweaty palms….
    BTW 3.6 inches of rain here.Is that cilantro in the pictures? There is some serious garden envy going on here as well.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement that comes when others share athoughts, ideas, concerns similar to our own. Would like to visit more with you. Thanks also for the pix, reminders of the days when we had a vegetable garden.

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