return to mallard marsh road

there is a section on county road b-20 that has been closed for months for construction. that detour has altered one of the routes i drive to and from work on many days. but it reopened this week. so at the risk of being late for work this morning, i drove to an old, familiar place that i’ve not been to for months. mallard marsh road. a quiet stop along the commute. a welcomed sidetrack. sometimes on the way to work with a cup of coffee. sometimes on the way home for a quiet stop between mental health work and whatever activity is going on in the evening.

there were some light rain showers this morning. and there was the fragrance of autumn dampness in the air. a morning where the rain brings something back alive in the browning leaves before they completely compost back into the earth. a kind of dying that offers something to the life of the next season.

anne lamott says that “to be great, art has to point somewhere.” i have yammered a bit about where the beauty of nature points me. about the metaphor that various photos stir in me. so, am inviting you to respond about what these photos stir in you [if anything]. where they point you, so to speak. anne also says that “we are wired as humans to be open to the world instead of enclosed in a fortified, defensive mentality.” i invite you to be open…


~ by fourfeetsixinches on October 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “return to mallard marsh road”

  1. “a kind of dying that offers something to the life of the next season….”
    wow that sentence has me pondering a lot. So many things in life, it seems, must die before we can head into that next season that God has for us. Some of those deaths are brutel…others not as bad. Kind of like those “hard frosts” that come before they are expected. It can almost seem refreshing and beautiful in the first glimpse of morning…but then you realize it has also caused death in places. But it has to take place, as you said, for the next season to begin…and then in time, new life. Just like the turning of the leaves..they are actually dying…but how beautiful. I guess some of those deaths in our own life can be beautiful…it just depends on our perspective. Whether it’s God’s perspective…or ours.

  2. Will I step up and accept this fall season of my life, seeing beauty in the process, or will I fight what I can not stop from happening? I sure spend a lot of time complaining about life instead of celebrating it. Thanks for the fall pics that remind me that the process has purpose.

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