quack grass

quack grass. i have been fighting it since we moved here over eight years ago. it creeps in my garden. through my grass, mostly undetected. its rhizomes creep under the mulch and into the perennials and grow up through the shrubs. makes me swear. makes me buy more round-up than i want to. and after years of battle, it just keeps finding ways to grow around our property. i have gotten rid of some of it, but it is a persistent demon of the plant world in my mind.

yesterday i dug the last twelve foot row of potatoes. not a great year for them in the drought, but there are a few decent ones. i was working my way down the row when this potato came up out of the soil with a blade of grass sticking out of it. and then i saw a root coming out of the other end of it. are you kidding me? now quack grass is growing not only around my potatoes, but through them?!!
at a glance, it could appear that this is a potato that is beginning to grow, or still growing. in reality, it is a potato starting to be taken over by this invasive grass. quack grass. this demon of the plant world.  it would ruin the vitality of the potato if left as is.

i probably should have just turned and thrown it out into the field instead of putting in the bucket with the others. but i was  a little amazed by it. my camera was begging to take a photo of it. and i was reminded of the importance of paying attention to what we let grow freely in our lives. just as the battle with quack grass on our property has gone on for years, so is there an ongoing battle with invasive weeds in our lives. what may seem like an insignificant blade of grass coming up amidst the fruit in our lives, may just  have the power to overtake us in the long haul. unless, of course, we are intentional about what we let grow and what we refuse to let grow.

in life, the weeds will likely always be there. so perhaps the important thing is that we make sure the will to battle them is also there. on any given day i let things grow and take my energy that really produce nothing of substance. nothing that resembles fruit. nothing that gives life to me or those around me. i want to pay more attention to the quack grasses in my life. to dig or chop them out. to spray a little more round-up on them. to let the good stuff grow more freely.

in a letter that paul wrote to the galatians, he made a simple yet bold statement: a person harvests what a person plants. even though its now the end of october and the growing season is pretty much done here in north iowa, i don’t think we are ever really out of season when it comes to what we plant and what we tend to in our lives…


~ by fourfeetsixinches on October 22, 2012.

5 Responses to “quack grass”

  1. I agree “big time!” Our growing season for our. Spiritual, emotional, and relational,etc. Is 12 months a year.

  2. Steve, I agree with your agreement on the 12-month growth thing! Was good to see you yesterday, too!

  3. Thanks, Scott. Once again you have used what you have observed and photographed to illustrate a spiritual truth. Don

  4. So “quack grass” is considered a nasty weed one that should not be tolerated? Perhaps the solution is somewhat more balaced ,tempered, than what you describe. Perhaps ,better ” sowing of seed “with a goal of restoring nutrients of the soil rather than potentially destroying or at a minimum harming the soil when utilizing round-up is something to consider. I love potatoes and would rather season them with spice than round-up. any day. 🙂 🙂

    • Not to worry, provily…no round-up goes in the potato patch itself. Just in the surrounding areas to try to keep it out of there! Is like the parable of the wheat and the tares… 😉

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