when books read me

i’ve been quiet on the blog front for quite some time. occasional posts. but pretty quiet, i admit. i’ve been busy pulling out some of the books that i’ve read over the years, some recent and some that go way back. decades even. foundational is my bible. it has been there making indescribable difference in me since sometime before adolescence. i hold to this statement from the book of second timothy:  “all scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” that is just a foundational thing for me that i’ve never been able to stray very far from. at least not for very long.

there are several authors who have written in ways that have gotten inside of me over the years. a few of them are in the stack in this photo. ian morgan cron stated recently that “no one knows us or ever will know us as well as the books we read.”  there are books, or authors who write them, that seem to have the capacity to read me, to know me, more than me just reading them. it feels like they know something about me that i have not seen or understood before. and i can’t deny such truth once i have read it. they read me. they get past my defenses and inside my soul.

some of the authors who have “read me” over the years [such as nouwen, ortberg, macdonald, eldredge, palmer, lamott, cron, bode, just to name a few] have inspired me to live from a deeper and more honest place. they have stirred the sometimes sleeping coals inside my heart into flame. and a significant part of who i am today is owed to them, these author/mentors in my life.

so in the last weeks and months actually, i’ve been leafing through some of these books again, and looking at those underlined sections and notes in the margins, and remembering some of the more profound moments of being found out, so to speak, by these authors. and i am in the process of using some of those brief quotes and pointed verses of scripture and combining them with my own personal responses. am putting this together into a forty page softcover book.  using some of my photography as back drops or illustrations of metaphor, kind of like a hard copy of my blog, except that it is new material. i’m looking into the self-publishing avenue for some options and hoping to have this available sometime before christmas.

..and am wondering if any of you followers of fourfeetsixinches might ever be interested in such a thing…?



~ by fourfeetsixinches on November 20, 2012.

29 Responses to “when books read me”

  1. Sign me up! I’ve enjoyed pondering over Anne Lamott and C.S. Lewis for several years. I’ll be looking forward to having Mathiasen on the nightstand also.

  2. YEP!!! 😉

  3. Of course I would be interested. I always like to read what you have \ or have had rolling around in your creative mind

  4. Count me in as interested!

  5. Very much interested!

  6. Are you kidding me!!! Finally!! I’m so excited that you are doing this Scott! And yes, of course sign us up…and I can think of MANY of my counselor friends here as well as others that would love your book!
    Blessings as you step out in this great adventure!

  7. Yay! Yes, please! 🙂

  8. We would be very interested, Scott!

  9. Absolutely,without a doubt,happy about this …

  10. Scott, you have got to meet my husband!! He has wanted to do the same thing with his photography and learnings–maybe he’ll learn from you! Sign us up for one of your own!

  11. I am so very interested. I am always anxious to read your blogs. I feel a wonderful sense of peace as I look at your pictures and read what you have written.

  12. Yeah I interested:)

  13. Why of course Scott! I would love this! You are such an inspiration to me and so many! Yeah! Can’t wait!

  14. Scott, I would be interested in a copy of your books. I too have been mentored by authors, most all of whom I will never meet (on earth) and many who died before I was born. Let me know when they become available. Don

  15. Put me on the list, Scott, I would really like a copy or two or three. Glad you’re doing this.

  16. Yes, yes, yes:)

  17. Just so you can get over someone saying no I’ll say it, no we don’t want just one. What ever you charge I’m sure I can market them for a profit.

  18. I would love it! Sign me up!

  19. I want one!

  20. I just found out about your blog from one of my sisters; your book sounds like something I would really enjoy!

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