Every Morning

As the sun was shining earlier this morning, it lit up the drops of dew clinging to the grass in our front yard. Strangely, such pictures often stir something in me. Millions of tiny drops sparkling on millions of blades of grass. Last summer and fall, these were so rare in north Iowa. Moisture doesn’t seem to be lacking at all this season…

IMG_2073One of the things about dew that strikes me is this; it can very quickly disappear. The morning sun or a steady wind can make it evaporate before you know it. And my life feels like that some days. Just when there is some refreshment there, some feeling of rejuvenation, some inspiration, it just as quickly can evaporate.

This morning was one of those mornings where I stopped to look for a moment. I saw the dew-laden grass, went to grab my camera, snapped a few shots while the sun was still lighting things up, and looked up some references to dew online and in my Bible. And that intentionality has so far changed the way I have been looking at my day. At myself. At my Creator. Refreshment came early.  Inspiration. I am convinced that some days, mere intentionality in our hearts is enough to set the course of the entire day. Even though the dew of the morning, literal or figurative dew, can seemingly evaporate quickly, it leaves some of itself behind. It is worth it to look. To notice. To take it in. Be intentional about it. Every morning.

One of the earlier stories of a father-son relationship in Genesis strikes me: and this particular father blesses his son with a prayer for him:  “May God give you heaven’s dew, and earth’s richness, an abundance of grain and new wine.” This is my prayer for you today, that you know heaven’s dew. And that you take time to let it soak into the pores of your soul and refresh and inspire your every move.



~ by fourfeetsixinches on June 24, 2013.

5 Responses to “Every Morning”

  1. Profound as always. Thanks for sharing. ☺

    Rita Gilbertson, CFRE
    Director of Alumni Relations, Waldorf College /
    Waldorf Lutheran College Foundation
    106 South 6th Street
    Forest City, Iowa 50436
    (641) 585-8140

  2. very good and thought provoking…

  3. I spent another day working in the most dangerous city in the U.S., [ Flint Mi.]. Thanks for reminding me that the dew of heaven is everywhere if I would only look for it.

  4. Sometimes those “moments” when we really listen to God’s creation it is almost as if the shade or shadow that blocks heaven is revealed …..and I wonder that those “replicated moments” are designed for us individually by God to demonstarte His personal love for us. I don’t mean to be New Age here but I wonder isn’t creation a part of the Holy Spirit ‘s seal on our hearts?

  5. Your mercies are new every morning!

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