Recently Dr. Henry Cloud tweeted that, “Certainty is one of the weakest positions in life. Curiosity is one of the most powerful. Certainty prohibits learning, curiosity fuels change.”

The glasses in the photo above are very much like the ones I wore for years during the eighties. Sort of Brown Bannister/John Lennon glasses. Decades ago. There is no shortage of questions in life. Sometimes, however, it feels like there is a shortage of answers. Things of which I felt certain as I looked at my world through those glasses are not necessarily so certain now. Or at least they have been questioned in one way or another since then.

I am currently reading a book by Erwin McMannus called “The Artisan Soul” and am challenged by this thought he shares:  “I see this reality all around me — men and women who refuse to stop growing, dreaming, and risking. In some ways, it’s like a second childhood with all the benefits of the wisdom accumulated over time. You need both the wisdom and the wonder…”  

May you find ways to live with both certainty and curiosity today. To grow, dream, and risk with both wisdom and wonder.

“To be wise is to be eternally curious.”   – Frederick Buechner




~ by fourfeetsixinches on April 15, 2014.

13 Responses to “Curiosity…”

  1. Love this. Josh goes to Erwin McMannus’ church in Hollywood. We’ve been watching the “Artisan Soul”, which has been his sermon series the past few weeks online. He’s so good. Dreaming, risk taking…it’s all good but can be disastrous without the wisdom and wonder. Emphasize on “wisdom”.
    Thanks for sharing…

    • Thanks Cindy. It would be interesting to go to Mosaic…I wonder what that kind of church environment would stir in me week to week??
      Hope you and Dave are doing well!

      • Life has it’s challenges, but Dave and I are doing well.
        With Josh being a composer he absolutely thrives in this church. And I’m sure you would be the same my friend! You can watch it online every week if you want. Just google Mosaic or Erwin McMannus and it will give you links to the live weekly services. They have a 10:00 service that we watch at Noon our time. 🙂

  2. Really liked your thoughts on certainty and curiosity.

  3. I too am a believer in eternal learning, but confess to that malady (slightly paraphrased), “My spirit is willing but my flesh sometimes isn’t. Don

  4. Nice.

    So I guess to be called Curious George at 56 could be a compliment

  5. I have a difficult time accepting Henry Cloud’s premise that certainty prohibits learning. I would argue that certainty fuels change and is the catalyst for growth.
    This is my snapshot of wisdom and wonder.
    A few weeks ago, a gentleman ,some would quickly describe as rigid ,somewhat opinionated spoke with gripping sincerity. He sat with rough calloused hands in his white buttoned -up shirt quietly sharing his thoughts”Sometimes you can’t understand it. I’ve had questions, lots of questions. When our adult child was ill, then died. I had prayed that God would heal her. He can heal.” he stated with an earned conviction.” But that was not His plan, this time.” Tears teased his eyes.” But there are moments, not often, but moments when the Holy Spirit covers my soul. You can’t explain it. It is a mystery but those times are real.”

    • I see your point, and I like your snapshot of wisdom and wonder a lot. Sometimes gentlemen of which you write are more the exception than the rule. I see people gravitate to a state of certainty a lot of times to the point that they refuse to take in new perspectives or aspects of life, of God’s presence and work in the world. And that is where the infusion of curiosity could be life giving…

      • Thanks for the clarification. I guess my real questions could potentially be, where do certainty or curiosity take us or leave us?

  6. Well said Scott!

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