A Bright Shot of Spring

I worked at the office this morning, and then took a quick trip to the Iowa Arboretum this afternoon. It’s amazing to me how a hundred miles south of our home in Forest City can be so much farther ahead in the growing season. It was a peaceful and beautiful time that allowed me to snap some photos, reflect, and write for a while. Thirty-one years ago on this day I began a journey from a different vantage point, after a third-story fall. I talked with Shaffe on my drive down there, and we both agreed that life has been so much richer, so much more beautiful than we could have ever imagined in the days and months after the accident. We were working together that day, and I would say it has forever changed us. Strangely, I believe it has brought out some of the best in us. Not a whole lot of words today, but just wanted to share some of the beauty of the Arboretum…

“Listen to your lives for the sound of Him.                                                                                                                               Search even in the dark for the light and the love and the life because they are there also…”                                                                                                                                                                                       – Frederick Buechner


~ by fourfeetsixinches on April 25, 2017.

4 Responses to “A Bright Shot of Spring”

  1. Thanks for capturing some of the day’s beauty.

  2. Such beautiful shots, Scott. And the beauty means so much more because you took time to see it today, the annual anniversary of a day that took you out of life as you knew it – a day so many of us remember. I love that you are weaving those memories into the fiber of who you are, while being intentional about the changes that day made to you AND Shaffe. Love you rpics and your words!! Blessings always!

  3. love you, brother!!

  4. Thank you. Beautiful pictures!

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